Why Eat Organic? Trifold Flyers - 100 Count

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These flyers connect GMOs and toxins to 3 important areas: Health, Farming & Economy, and Climate Change. Share these with your community to show them why eating organic is so important. One person who passes our a 100 flyer can cause a $520k shift to organic! (100 count)
Sampling of the Text:
"1 out of 2 of our children in America currently have a chronic illness: allergies,
asthma, autoimmune disease, autism, diabetes & obesity. These illnesses can literally cost thousands of dollars per year for families. The cost to our children, families and country, from these toxins in the food supply is incalculable. Reducing the toxic burden for your children and family should be a top priority in your budget."
In the USA today, 85-100% of major crops such as sugar beets, corn, soy, canola, and
cottonseed are GMO, or genetically modified organisms. GMOs can contain foreign proteins with unpredictable health impacts.
80% of GMO crops are engineered to withstand glyphosate-based herbicides
such as Roundup. Non-organic crops such as lentils, oats, wheat, chick peas and many more can also be sprayed with glyphosate-based herbicides in a pre-harvest treatment, thus many non-organic food products in America today could contain glyphosate residue.
Farming & Economy:
GMO seed companies have:
• Monopolized the seed supply
• Polluted the seed supply with GMOs
• Charged farmers high technology fees on seed
• Bullied and sued small farmers out of business
• Restricted sharing and planting of previous years crop seeds
• Compelled farmers to use toxic chemicals which can lead to disease
GMO chemical use leads to:
• Weed resistance and increased chemical use
• Drift, chemical rains, and neighboring crop damage
• Loss of soil nutrition increased toxic fertilizer use and runoff water pollution
Climate Change:
• Depletes nutrients in the soil
• Decreases carbon sequestration
• Reduces water absorption
• Increases drought stress
• Our Big Ag system contributes 44-57% of the greenhouse gasses
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