How QuintEssential Works

Your Body’s Inner Ocean

At roughly 70% water, our bodies have an inner ocean, sometimes called a "BioTerrain", and it has a strikingly similar composition to seawater. Since water makes up more than 2/3 of your body, it comes without surprise that you could easily lose more fluid than you take in become dehydrated as you go about your day.

Restore Natural Balance with QuintEssential®

When dehydration happens, it upsets the balance of minerals in your body, which has a powerful impact on the way you feel and how your body and brain function. QuintEssential® works to restore that balance so your body can retain the hydration it needs, allowing your body to function optimally, and making you feel better than ever.

Treat Yourself to Better Health!

Each ampule of QuintEssential® helps:

  • Gently detoxify the body
  • Restore optimum mineral and trace element levels
  • Support sleep and relaxation
  • Support normal digestion*
  • Keep the immune system alert*
  • Balance cellular nutrition

This product is double filtered at 0.22 microns, which includes micro-plastic filtration. In addition, the product undergoes a periodic analysis of raw material seawater where the manufacturer certifies the absence of micro-plastics in samples sent.