RE Botanicals Customer Testimonials

A brand you can trust. In the sea of all the CBD that is out there I only buy RE:botanicals.”

  • Eric H., Verified Buyer, 09/02/19

Great taste and smooth. The taste of this hemp extract is smooth and mild, not overpowering at all. I add a bit to my coffee or tea in the morning and I am ready to take on the day!”

  • Mitch H., Verified Buyer, 12/12/18

“Wonderful product. Helps me sleep so much better at night and eases my anxiety in the mornings.”

  • Samantha F., Verified Buyer, 08/19/19

“Great for sleep 💤 I’ve been using the CBD tincture before bed and it truly helps me fall asleep usually within about 30 minutes, and if I awake during the night I’m able to get back to sleep...which has been a challenge for me in the last few years. For a person who struggles with insomnia and doesn’t want to take medications to sleep, this is the perfect remedy… and natural! :)”

  • Debbi M., Verified Buyer, 08/10/19 

“Great stuff. I use this for stress relief and joint pain. It's helped with both! I have done a lot of research on CBD brands, and few seem to produce a product of equal quality to RE Botanicals. I love that everything is organic.”

  • Richard K., Verified Reviewer, 06/15/19

“Helping with Stress and Sleep. I’ve been using this for a few days now and it is helping me relax and sleep better at night. Can’t wait to see how it helps once it is fully adapted into my system!”

  • Justin V., Verified Buyer, 09/15/19

“Miracle Hemp! I use this product for treatment of chronic headaches, works like a charm. Would recommend. AAAA++++++++++

  • Anthony S., Verified Buyer, 06/22/19

“Best tasting CBD oil. This oil works great, but it also tastes great too. Will be buying again!”

  • Eric P., Verified Buyer, 06/15/19

“Noticing subtle improvements. My husband has been using his product for a few weeks now, and has noticed less backpain from arthritis.” 

  • Maria W., Verified Buyer, 05/24/19

“The Best! This product is amazing!! My wife has been using it lately to help her sleep and has been getting the best sleep ever since! This has quickly become a staple in our home. Thank you!”

  • Michele E., Verified Buyer, 05/23/19

“Favorite CBD oil! I’ve slept amazingly since I started using a dropper of this every night at bedtime. The taste is really smooth and nice... can’t say enough. I love it!”

  • Susan, Verified Reviewer, 03/17/19