Feel the 3.3 Difference

Each vial of QuintEssential® 3.3 offers the perfect balance of the minerals your body needs for healthy, sustained, hydration. Upon using QuintEssential® 3.3 for the first time, many of our customers say they feel better than ever the very first day.

Our customers & health professionals say they’ve experienced:
  • More energy
  • Sustained hydration
  • Greater endurance
  • Quick recovery from sports & physical exertion
  • Balance of emotional and physical states
  • Better focus (great for meditation & yoga)
  • General relaxation and deep sleep
  • Adrenal support
  • Immune support
  • Better and more regular digestion
  • 100% Raw, Natural Healing from the Sea

QuintEssential® 3.3 is 100% seawater. Each vial contains nutrient-rich, raw marine fluid harvested from the depths of plankton-rich ocean blooms that is cold-sterilized to retain its healing properties. It is typically used by individuals looking for an immediate revitalizing effect that supports exertion from major physical or mental tasks. QuintEssential® 3.3 offers the minerals needed to help cell renewal and contribute to normal muscle and digestive functions.