Contact Organics Weed Terminator and Boost - Medium Application

Contact Organics Weed Terminator and Boost - Medium Application

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Contact Organics Weed Terminator and Boost pack provides the latest technology for effective, non-toxic weed on your property. The pack contains 1 gallon of Contact Organics Weed Terminator 20 and 1 gallon of Contact Organics Boost.

A high-performing Bioherbicide for the control of weeds and grasses. Works with nature, not against it. Glyphosate free.

You will be glad that you made the switch to pet-friendly weed control around your home and garden.

  • Simultaneously kill weeds, improve soil health and alleviate residue concerns.
  • Contact Organics Weed Terminator (20% Vinegar) used in combination with Contact Organics Boost (Proprietary blend of ethoxylated alcohols and natural oils) is a non-selective contact herbicide that delivers effective control of broadleaf weeds and grasses.
  • Glyphosate-free. Non-toxic to humans, pets, and the environment.
  • Fully biodegradable. No harmful residues.
  • Providing rapid results & suppressing regrowth.
  • Proven effective on many glyphosate-resistant weed species.
  • In line with regenerative farming practices. Formulated to be beneficial to soil microbiology and fertility.
  • Cost-effective and concentrated product. Mix 1 part of Weed Terminator 20 and 1 part of Boost with 20 parts of water.

Currently not available for sale in California, Washington, and Oregon.

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  • Weed Terminator 20:
    • Acetic Acid - 20%
    • Ingredients determined to be non-hazardous including water - 80%
  • Boost:
    • Proprietary Blend of ethoxylated alcohols and natural oils


When you buy a bottle, be sure to get the specially made full cone tip, brass nozzle for the best results. You can find it hereThis video explains how to use it.