How ION*Gut Health Works

Protect Your Body & Brain From Glyphosate and Other Toxins

You are probably already familiar with the fact that Glyphosate and other chemicals known to be harmful to your health are everywhere. They’re in the food you consume, the water you drink, and even the air you breathe. Since these toxins are virtually unavoidable, the question then becomes, “How can I protect myself and my family from these toxins?” 

While the science behind how ION*Gut Health works isn’t exactly simple, the main idea behind it is clear: start with tight junctions, and the rest will follow.

Tight junctions are the seals between the cells in your gut lining. When these tight junctions are exposed to glyphosate and other ubiquitous environmental toxins, they break apart, allowing foreign particles to invade the bloodstream, which compromises your immune system. This is what results in things like food sensitivities, autoimmune disorders, and chronic health issues.

Better Health Starts in Your Gut

Tight junctions make your gut lining stronger, making it harder for toxins to pass through. Since a healthy gut depends on the integrity of tight junctions, and good health depends entirely on a healthy gut, that means the healthier your tight junctions are, the healthier you will be

Simply put, ION*Gut Health helps maintain tight junction integrity, which in turn helps maintain the overall health of your body and brain. This encourages better cell-to-cell communication, a more diverse microbiome, and a protected immune system. All of these things allow your body to operate the way Mother Nature intended: in a state of complete well-being.