Is ION*Gut Health Safe for Babies and Kids?

The same supplement that strengthens adult gut lining and function is safe for little ones. By giving them ION*Biome, you are helping nutrition and the immune system do their all- important jobs. Think of it as helping the next generation grow their mighty microbiome, as well as their awareness of the love nature still has for humans.

Start your gut hero on five drops a day, then double the amount weekly until you reach a maintenance dose of the following per age three times a day, before or with meals:

  • 25 drops (1/4 teaspoon for kids under age 2)
  • 100 drops (1 teaspoon for kids over age 2) 

For infants, starting with a single drop and work your way up to 25 drops as needed. Check with your doctor if the baby has any pre-existing conditions.