ION*Gut Health (Restore) - 32oz

ION*Gut Health (Restore) - 32oz

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Your ticket to thinking clearly, feeling energized, and experiencing smooth & healthy digestion. 

Better health & brain function starts with your gut. 

There’s a reason why your gut is often referred to as your second brain. When it comes to optimizing the health of your body and your brain, you have to start with your gut. 

Now, maintaining a healthy gut and microbiome is easily within reach! Read our testimonials below to see Restore in action...

Not available in Canada or anywhere else outside the U.S.

We are transitioning from the old Restore label to the new ION*Gut Health label. Don't worry, your new bottle will have the same amazing ingredients, value, and results. Same great product, great new label!  

The problem? Harmful toxins are everywhere.

As you likely know, your insides are constantly being bombarded with toxins that kill off the good bacteria you need to maintain a healthy microbiome. Glyphosate and other harmful chemicals are in the food you eat, the water you drink, the air you breathe. The good news is, we’ve found a 100% natural solution to help combat this problem.

Protect Your Body & Brain with ION*Gut Health

ION*Gut Health helps shield your system from toxins that can cause inflammation, which is the root cause of many conditions. If you’ve been struggling with problems like: 

  • Brain fog 
  • Irregular digestion 
  • Food sensitivities 
  • Inflammation 
  • Low energy 
  • and other chronic health issues, 

ION*Gut Health can help restore your health naturally. Just one teaspoon 3 times a day helps keep your body and mind functioning at peak performance.

Help Your Mind & Body Thrive the Way Mother Nature Intended

ION*Gut Health is a unique and proprietary blend of all-natural ancient soil extracts that works to fortify your gut membrane and optimize your gut-brain connection. This means it can help: 

  • Promote an optimal immune response 
  • Balance gut health
  • Alleviate gluten sensitivity 
  • Enhance mental clarity 
  • Promote sleep  
  • Strengthen digestion and metabolism
  • Support respiratory wellness
  • Combat environmental exposures 

Since ION*Gut Health helps reduce inflammation in the gut, and inflammation causes a wide variety of issues, the benefits usually differ from person to person.

Love & Gratitude In Action

ION*Gut Health is made with love & gratitude in Charlottesville, Virginia. By purchasing these products, you are actively participating in our mission to help create a healthy and sustainable planet.

Protect Your Body & Brain From Glyphosate and Other Toxins

You are probably already familiar with the fact that Glyphosate and other chemicals known to be harmful to your health are everywhere. They’re in the food you consume, the water you drink, and even the air you breathe. Since these toxins are virtually unavoidable, the question then becomes, “How can I protect myself and my family from these toxins?” 

While the science behind how ION*Gut Health works isn’t exactly simple, the main idea behind it is clear: start with tight junctions, and the rest will follow.

Tight junctions are the seals between the cells in your gut lining. When these tight junctions are exposed to glyphosate and other ubiquitous environmental toxins, they break apart, allowing foreign particles to invade the bloodstream, which compromises your immune system. This is what results in things like food sensitivities, autoimmune disorders, and chronic health issues.

Better Health Starts in Your Gut

Tight junctions make your gut lining stronger, making it harder for toxins to pass through. Since a healthy gut depends on the integrity of tight junctions, and good health depends entirely on a healthy gut, that means the healthier your tight junctions are, the healthier you will be

Simply put, ION*Gut Health helps maintain tight junction integrity, which in turn helps maintain the overall health of your body and brain. This encourages better cell-to-cell communication, a more diverse microbiome, and a protected immune system. All of these things allow your body to operate the way Mother Nature intended: in a state of complete well-being.

Start small. A drop or two for people with serious gut issues. 1/8 of a teaspoon works best for some. For others 1/2 to 1 teaspoon. According to Dr. Zach Bush for people with serious gut issues putting too much restore in the gut at first can be like a spotlight showing the damage on a house that has been through the hurricane.

Too much at once can expose a lot of gut damage and can cause cramping and other reactions. Start small and let Restore slowly shine the light and communication of microbes in the gut a little at a time. Take it consistently for the best results.

Consume 1 teaspoon (5 ml) 3 times a day, for a total of 1 Tablespoon (15 ml) daily.

Product is best consumed alone or in non-chlorinated water. 

Serving Size: 1 tsp (5 ml)

Servings Per Container:

  • 32 ounces - 189
  • 16 ounces - 94
  • 8 ounces - 47

Amount Per Serving:

Aqueous Humic Substances  5mg**


Less than 1% of mineral amino acid complexes

** Daily Value not established. 

Other Ingredients: Purified water

“About three weeks ago, we started using Restore for my Son who has SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder). In that short time, it has taken the emotional edge off of his sensory. He is willing to try; he is pleasant, he has engaged in learning. And his teacher said he has only asked for gum during lunch. It has changed our world at home and school. Thank you!!”

  • C. Nielsen Owens

“I met Dr. Bush and team while listening to Chris Shade’s talk at A1. I am from New Zealand and asked lots of questions. Just wanted to report that I have been using the product since coming back from the conference and have been pleased with the results. My daughter’s speech has improved as well as her general awareness. I have also put my Mum on it (85 yrs), and she is finding increased energy and mental clarity. Thanks so much for taking time in answering all my questions. I am so pleased to have found your product.”

  • A. Darroch

“Hello, I am a member of Dr. Garry Gordon’s FACT group. Dr. Gordon told me on the phone about RESTORE nearly two months ago. I have now been using the product myself for about four days. I am STUNNED at the immediate results. It appears that I had leaky gut and didn’t realize it since I eat 75% organic and avoid “bad foods.” I was completely wrong about what I was previously persuaded of since I now see that I have had many symptoms of leaky gut. I have also observed the RESTORE made a huge difference in my life.”

  • J. Livengood

“This stuff is the real deal. I caught a horrible stomach virus while visiting my mom in the hospital a couple of years ago — the sickest I’d ever been in my life. My digestive system was a mess for months afterward. I bought some of this from my doctor and took a tiny amount every day for a month or so. It fixed everything. I do believe in it.”

  • L. Wood

“Restore has reduced inflammation in my body. I highly recommend it!”

  • A. Waxman

“I noticed my foggy brain clearing right away. After a month on RESTORE, I was finally able to sleep through the night again without the help of sleep aids.”

  • D. Hazzard

“RESTORE has helped my daughter. Since the second day of taking it, she has had a regular stool and no bloating. She said she couldn’t remember the last time she had “normal poop” and that her stomach is flat. She was out with friends last night, and they had pizza which normally destroys her, but she couldn’t believe her stomach remained calm. She came down this morning and said “Oh my gosh! You have no idea what this means in my life.”

  • Anonymous 

“Hi, Dr. Bush. I’ve been taking the pre-biotic drink/solution that you sold at the workshop pretty religiously since then and owe you a big, gigantic THANK YOU – it has completely changed my life! If you remember, I’ve suffered from lactose intolerance for years, and it seemed to be getting much worse (I would have reactions even if I didn’t eat food with lactose). Not only have the random allergies stopped completely, but I’m able to eat foods that I couldn’t eat previously! And while I’m not running out and drowning myself in cheese and milk, it’s been incredible in social situations not to feel restrained and scared to eat something where I wasn’t 100% sure of the ingredients. THANK YOU!”

  • S. Wallace

What cat or dog owner doesn’t want to see their four-legged family member jumping, running, climbing and thriving? Terrahydrite® does for their gut and brain what it does for ours. Think of it as linking nature, animal, and human in a circle of pure positivity.

Starting with 3-5 drops, once a day, can be a good introduction.

Double the usage weekly until your pet is fully benefitting from the recommended usage for their weight category.

Give at mealtime or twice daily in one-quarter cup of dechlorinated water.

For pet weight:

  • Under 20 lbs: 1 tsp Daily
  • 21 – 100 lbs: 2 tsp Daily
  • Over 101 lbs: 1 tbsp Daily

The same supplement that strengthens adult gut lining and function is safe for little ones. By giving them ION*Biome, you are helping nutrition and the immune system do their all- important jobs. Think of it as helping the next generation grow their mighty microbiome, as well as their awareness of the love nature still has for humans.

Start your gut hero on five drops a day, then double the amount weekly until you reach a maintenance dose of the following per age three times a day, before or with meals:

  • 25 drops (1/4 teaspoon for kids under age 2)
  • 100 drops (1 teaspoon for kids over age 2) 

For infants, starting with a single drop and work your way up to 25 drops as needed. Check with your doctor if the baby has any pre-existing conditions. 

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