Anti Static Mat

Anti Static Mat

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You can ground a useful (12" x 12") area with this professional quality heavy duty static control mat. Use it with static sensitive computer equipment or as a surface for handling static sensitive semi-conductors. Put it under your keyboard or laptop.

Anti-Static conductive earthing MatMore importantly, you can simply touch the mat with any part of your body to dissipate electric field build-up and equalize your potential with the ground and reduce static discharge problems. Put it on your seat or on your desktop to reduce ESD. Can be trimmed with scissors to fit any area. Includes removable and washable Ex-Static™ fabric cover, and 5-foot grounding cord (no resistor, terminates with an alligator clip. If you want to ground to your electric outlet, get a plug to gator ground cord). Surface resistivity is only 105 Ohm/sq. Tough black rubber, about 1/16" thick, for years of trouble-free service.

This pad is for static discharge and grounding of radiofrequency shielding. We do not make any claims for the health benefits of body grounding with this product.

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