Signal Tamer™ Router Shielding

Signal Tamer™ Router Shielding

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Adjustable Shielding Pouch for Wi-Fi Routers, Reduces Radiation Emission

Routers are notoriously overpowered. In most homes, you can get away with 1/10th or even 1/100th of the power they provide. So why irradiate yourself and your family with all that extra (and unnecessary) microwave energy?

Signal Tamer is the best router shield when you need to use the signal. While reducing the radiation output (and your exposure) by 90-95%, the Signal Tamer still allows the router to function without losing speed.

Special shielding fabric mesh pouch allows plenty of airflow and very easily slips over the entire router. Installs in seconds. No need to disconnect your router or interrupt service. Reduces range by about half, so it will be harder for your neighbors to get your signal.

Signal Tamer is adjustable. If you need a bit less shielding performance, just allow a small opening at the base. By varying the size of the opening, you can adjust the amount of signal "leakage". The dimensions are 10x16 inches.

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