BlocBag™ RF Protection Sleeping Bag

BlocBag™ RF Protection Sleeping Bag

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Enjoy a peaceful night's rest under reduced exposure to mobile phone signals! BlocBag is a protective sleeping bag made from comfortable, lightweight, microwave reflecting material... superb cotton shielding fabric is used for the body and a polyester mesh fabric for the hood.

Pretty white fabric feels almost like a cotton bedsheet and folds nicely to the size of a book for complete portability. Great for home or travel. Tested to provide >22dB attenuation up to 1.8 GHz, no grounding necessary. Extensive zipper for easy in/out and ample 96x34 inch space is plenty of room for the average adult. Wash cold (40°C) with a gentle cycle using mild detergent only! Spend the whole night or enjoy a completely new kind of power nap! 96x34 inches overall, with a 32x34 inch "window" at one end.

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